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Ruben Garcia, USA

One of the Best

Ruben Garcia, USA

Kazue san, I want to say I've never endorsed a product before but I can truly say that your Japanese Conversational Video is one of the best Japanese learning programs around. I downloaded and started using your program the same night and I totally love it. Your program makes learning Japanese fast and easy. The lessons were easy to follow and I amazed my family and friends with what I've learned. So I personally can say if you really want to learn Japanese I highly recommend Japanese Conversational Video. It beats any other Japanese Language Programs on the market now.
Maria, Russia

The lessons are great!

Maria, Russia

Konbanwa, Kazue san. The lessons are great, I liked them very much, thank you! Today I started the 2nd lesson, it's a little bit more difficult, but it's easier than all the courses that I saw before. Now I can see differences and similarities between Japanese and Russian languages, it helps a lot. For tomorrow I'll do my best! Thank you so much! dewa mata ashita!

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