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7-Day Free Japanese Course

  • First time to learn Japanese?
  • No Japanese language school near your place?
  • Learned Japanese long time ago, but failed or forgot?

If you're applicable to any of the above, this 7-Day Free Japanese Course is the right course for you!
This is the basic Japanese online course. 
Interactive lessons with lots of practices & hands-on training.

In this course, you'll learn
  • Very useful Japanese greetings and phrases
  • Natural Self-introduction 
  • Features of Japanese Language ~why learning Japanese is easy
  • About Japanese scripts ~Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji
  • How to pronounce and How to write Japanese Hiragana in hand writing (work sheet & step-by-step video lesson!)
  • Formal Japanese v.s. Casual Japanese ~How different? Which is easier to learn?
  • Tips on Learning Japanese ~Common mistakes by Japanese beginners 

About the teacher

I have been teaching Japanese over 10 years in the US, Australia and Singapore. Also, conducted Japanese business culture seminars at University extension course, international companies, etc. Leaning language is not just about word-for-word translation. My teaching method stresses on the culture behind the language. Although it's an online course, I tried to make the lessons as interactive as possible. Issho ni ganbarimashō(Do our best & Enjoy!)