This high-quality and quick-to-go-through audio course will teach you the casual and naughty words and phrases in the Japanese language in a solid 40 minutes of teaching.  This is great to know exactly what people are saying to you or to be able to talk to people you're attracted to for a possible date!

Not only do you get the easy-to-understand audio course, you also get a full manual to assist you in learning the language even better!  You're not just memorizing casual words and phrases.  You'll learn how to talk casually in this course.

You'll enjoy watching Japanese Drama & Anime 100 times more after going through this Casual Japanese course.  

Most of the chapters in this course include incredibly realistic conversation between two native Japanese speakers for realistic learning!

Features of Casual Japanese

  • Introducing Real Japanese spoken on the street

  • 40 mins of audio lessons + a guided textbook

  • You can practice speaking casual Japanese as you listen to the audio

  • 13 Chapters in total. You can learn casual Japanese spoken in different situations

Course Curriculum

Course Fee